4Media iPad Video Converter

4Media iPad Video Converter 7.8

4Media iPad Video Converter can make video files supported by portable devices

4Media iPad Video Converter can help you re-encode video files to make them supported by such portable devices as PSP, iPod, iPad and iPhone. The application has a nice interface, which is unlikely to pose any difficulty.

Due to its support of batch processing, the application allows adding not only separate files but also complete folders. Multiple video formats can be imported; and as an extra feature, it also allows ripping audio CDs. You can easily preview the imported files using the built-in player, which can even run in a separate window or display full-screen video. Moreover, while you watch the movies, you can export some frames as pictures. Unfortunately, this converter does not support any of the editing features available in other similar applications.

Various built-in profiles let you avoid compatibility issues with the intended device. In order to make their selection easier, the output profiles are properly classed according to their supporting gadgets. However, if you are not satisfied with the default parameters, you can easily tweak them to fit your exact needs. Luckily, you can convert the same source file to different formats in a single work session. In addition, the output files can be split to fit given storage sizes or time lengths. Although you can save the resulting files to any disk location, you will perhaps find that the option of transferring them directly to the connected device is more convenient.

All in all, 4Media iPad Video Converter is a nice specific-purpose converter. However, its main limitation is the result of supporting a very specific output format range. In addition, it does not provide any editing function.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It is easy to use
  • It supports multiple input formats
  • It allows customizing and saving conversion profiles
  • It supports previewing and taking snapshots
  • It allows transferring files directly to connected devices


  • It does not allow editing
  • It has a limited range of output formats
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